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numbers don't mean


Since high school everything was about numbers. Who's the fastest, the tallest, jumps the highest, weighs the most. It wasn't until college that I started compare and feel ashamed that I didn't weigh what statistics say I should for my height. 

Once you're able to change your mindset which sometimes requires you to change your environment, you'll see what's really important. We get so caught up in our weight determining how healthy we are when it's not the case!

NOW of course there are situations where weight management is necessary and you do need to watch the scale....but I'm talking about a healthy human feelin' their best because they look their best because they believe so themselves, not because the scale told them so!

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The Importance of understanding your body

I know someone said it before me but education is power... PERIOD! I annoyed at myself for not taking my training more serious when I was in high school because a lot of injuries could have been prevented.


If you have the opportunity to truly educate yourself (reading and physically doing) on functional movements, weight lifting, STRETCHING, your body will thank you.

We push ourselves to hard limits which is great at times yet exhausting. I have had numerous injuries my shoulder being my most recent and can't help but think 'Well damn, how could I have treated this years ago without getting surgery?'

You really do only get one body (unless you know something that I don't) treat it well!

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