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Not everyone wants

to be vegan

I GET IT. I mean really, I ate meat like it was leaving the planet the next day. FOOD is ENERGY, regardless of what nutritional plan you follow. I remember I tried to go vegetarian for 30 4 I had a McChicken and fries whoops. Now not to say we should all be eating McDonalds, but I think it's important to try different plans and find what suits your lifestyle the best and is HEALTHY.

What is healthy to you? For me it's balanced, consistent, and nourishing. While I fully get that not everyone wants to abandon meat and fish and dairy, I go back to my saying that education is power. I encourage you to read up on what you're eating, do you know where it's coming from? I'm not even talking about chicken, we can start with packaged foods or sliced cheese!

Slay food Slayyy

Food affects my mood tremendously. You know that little dance you do when you're eating something and it's sooo good? Or that demon that comes out of you when you're hungry AF and people keep asking you questions? 

Those were short term food emotions but have you experienced chronic stomach pain, dizzinessdiarrhea from everything you eat....ew that was me sorry. My stomach was an enigma growing up which is why I tried all the food fads and saw all the doctors,yet who knew eating the right foods would be the answer. Okay will I knew it would be the answer but I mean the RIGHT right ones, kale vs romaine, turmeric in the morning, ADAPTOGENS....we'll get into that later.

If you've been feeling funky for a while check in with your gut! Food does a lot more than fill your stomach, genetics can also play a role in what your body tolerates as well. Who knew!

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