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Drunk Yoga Has Come to Montauk

Rosé and downward dog anyone?

Former Grey Lady bartender Eli Walker thought of mixing booze with yoga poses last summer and hosted a number of classes at bars across NYC. The core point of each class is to not only introduce yoga to those who haven't practiced before, but to just have a fun time. After all, yoga is about finding inner happiness - and nothing makes us happier than happy hour.

Each class starts off with some sips, followed by 45 minutes of tipsy fun and games, like taking a gulp whenever you lose balance on a pose. Nevertheless, it's still a better workout than beer pong.

Ruschmeyers hosted Drunk Yoga on Memorial Day and it looked like a college day party - red solo cups everywhere. This past weekend Drunk Yoga made its way to The Grey Lady Montauk, and we plan on seeing more classes in the area throughout the summer.

For now, catch one of the many boozy sweat sessions in NYC by signing up HERE!


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