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FitHouse: An Instagrammable Workout Studio You Can Actually Afford

There's no beating around the bush when it comes to the price of fitness classes in NYC. While you're probably paying more money to sweat than you are to eat, those days can now come to an end thanks to FitHouse. Founded by two French tech entrepreneurs, the company focuses on offering a variety of classes at an affordable price. For $99 a month you can take as many classes as you want. Yes you read that correctly! Un. Limited.

What makes FitHouse so unique is that they provide an extensive list of classes ranging from HIIT, to yoga, to barre. If you're a hard core yogi you need to try their Synergy class; it's a great yoga/functional movement combo class that will have you working on and off the mat. You're not getting these options at your usual workout spots are you?

You may even see some of your favorite fit kids like Mark Ribeiro or Kristin Calabria, two of the studio's founding instructors, teaching a class as FitHouse has recruited some of NYC's best.

FitHouse currently has flagship location on Bowery, but they're looking to take over NYC with more locations to open soon. If you're still afraid to say goodbye to your local spot try their 14 day trial and you'll be sold after your first class. All the bragging rights of an Insta-worthy studio, without the over-the-top prices? Count me in.


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