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Jill Zarin LOVES Giving Away Free Stuff!

Paging all Bravo fans! Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon served as a Housewives reunion at Topping Rose House in Brigehampton. The annual event was held in honor of Jill's late husband, Bobby Zarin, and raised funds for Thyroid Cancer research. Guests paid a pretty penny (up to $5,000 a ticket) for the exclusive bash which not only went towards a great cause, but left them with thousands of dollars worth of swag.

There were enough Housewives present to do a full Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen! Some of Jill's A-list besties in attendance included Leanne Locken from Dallas, Vicki Gunvalson from Orange County, Juliet Angus from Ladies of London, Kathy Wakile from New Jersey, and Cindy Barshop from New York.

Fellow New York Housewives were there in spirit. Tinsley sold bags from her new company REBAG, Dorinda gifted everyone with a free cleaning from John Mahdessian.

Comedian Heather McDonald, Dina Lohan, and many more were there as well. Jill's best friend and Millionaire Match Maker Patti Stanger flew out from Cali. As far as finding us a millionaire boyfriend in the Hamptons? She's still scoping the area out...

Guests enjoyed an afternoon filled with shopping, socializing, and lots of wining and dining -mostly wining (can roséing be a verb?). Those who purchased gold tickets walked home with personalized gifts form vendors like Kendra Scott, Winky Lux, Lolea Sangria, and many more.

It was most definitely a day to remember as everyone was able to have a great time while supporting an even greater cause. Jill mentioned how much she simply missed Bobby's presence, "He was just always supportive of everything I did." She is certainly keeping busy with a new rug line and a very new relationship!

Check out my full chat with Jill!

What's one thing you want your guests to take away from this event?

A lot of swag! I want my guests to take away five to ten thousand dollars worth of swag. People paid a thousand to five thousand dollars for top tickets so they leave with a bag already, and then each vendor gives them something as well. It could be a $400 ring or whatever it may be.

What made you want to give away items that are worth so much for free?

It's fun to get free stuff. Most celebrities go to events and get free things. That's how it started with me, I was going to events and being gifted with so much and I was like wow I want my friends to have this!

How often do you stay in touch with you former NYC housewives?

All the time. You know some of them you wane and wax, I mean during filming less because they are busy but we always stay in touch. I speak with Bethenny on the phone. She was going to be in Europe the same time as me and we spoke about meeting up. LuAnn wrote me this morning 'Congratulations and good luck!' She obviously can't be here but I speak to a lot of them. I see Ramona all the time - I just saw her the other day in town.

Are you working on any other big projects?

Jill Zarin rugs! They are all over the the yard right now and super affordable from forty nine dollars up to $599. They are basically pet proof, you can spill wine on it or juice and it will come right out with a paper towel.


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