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The Healthiest Spots to Grab a Post-Workout Meal

Make the most of your #fitchick buzz after that intense sweat session and fill up on a healthy meal. Like yeah, you're starving, but wouldn't you rather save the dollar slice for this weekend's drunchies? Check out some fast-casual spots serving up guilt-free eats you can be proud of.

[Photo via @rinainaba]

Before you turn around, just know that the long line is totally worth the wait. Dig Inn offers a fresh farm based menu with an atmosphere that feels just like home. You pick your proteins, veggies, and sides and nothing will give you that feeling of regret in the morning.

[Photo via @maaren_xx]

MY FAVORITE PLACE!! Vegan-friendly chain by CHLOE. is definitely on the top of our list, especially since they've expanded so rapidly across the city. While there are some indulgent choices like the vegan mac and cheese with shiitake bacon, the quinoa taco salad makes for a great post-workout meal. Don't forget DESSERT


[Photo via @hawthornevalley]

Sweetgreen somehow makes you crave kale. Their quick salads and hearty bowls have become the staple meal for many workout fanatics on the go, and they are conveniently located all throughout the city. It's a cult - and I'm a proud member.

[Photo via @honeybrainslife]

Aside from their honey dedicated menu that safely abides by ethical beekeeping practices, they have fast and healthy bowls that are inspired by five superfood groups. Honeybrains is strategically located right by all of your favorite workout spots in Noho (cough cough SoulCycle), so now you have no excuse not to go in.

[Photo via @thepicurist]

Mulberry & Vine's motto is "live dirty, eat clean," so you know they're cool. Their cozy spots offer a broad range of options for vegetarians, gluten-free folk, and (sorry not sorry) pure carnivores. From chicken to tofu, they've got you covered when it comes to that recovery meal. FYI be weary of the salmon because one time I thought my intestines were falling out.


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