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Rochelle's:The BEST Bar for Singles in NYC

Sometimes being single can be hard, but if there's a place to be single you better be in NYC. You can do whatever, (dare I same whomever?), WHENEVER you want, you just never know what you may get yourself into. LES Rochelle's celebrated 5 years in the game as NYC's Best Singles Bar and I can attest that it is definitely the place to be. 

You may have seen the hot spot on the corner of  Christie and Stanton and the long line the comes with it especially on a Saturday night. While they are open 7 days a week Co-owner Brett David says Thursday nights are his favorite as VIP Dj Christina Mannino plays dope remixes and guests enjoy an endless amount of whiskey. Rochelle's also takes the crown as one of the best Whiskey Bars In NYC,  with an array of whiskies to offer, they also offer non-whisky based cocktails, you have to try-my personal favorite being daddy issues (not that I have any).

Owner Brett David @daddydoitall

Whether you're looking for a bae or not Rochelle's is a non-stop party. The crowd is fun; 20 and 30 somethings, models, skaters, and bad ass chicks. It's almost like you've gone back in time to an epic college party but you're much cooler than you were back then. Next time you're out in LES let your inner party animal be free at Rochelle's and thank me later. Oh, and be sure to check out all the fun regrets just bad decisions!


Rochelle's, 205 Christie St 

[Photos courtesy of Rochelle's NYC]


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