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The Hottest Fitness Instructors in NYC

Whether you're tapping it back in a spin class or sculpting your abs, we can all agree that the instructor plays a huge role in how great (or terrible) your workout will be. Here is a list of some of my FAVORITE instructors from different spots in the city...sorry for the location repeats I just love SoulCycle! Anyway, take a class with these in-demand trainers and you're guaranteed to go that extra mile. Just make sure to book early - their classes sell out in seconds!


1. Trammell Logan, SoulCycle

2. Noah Neiman, Rumble

3 . Ally Berlin, Current Fitness & Equinox

4. Alex Toussaint, Peloton

5. Jess Sims, Fhitting Room & ShadowBox

6. Callie Gullickson, Tone House

7. Akin Akman, SoulCylce & Akin's Army

8. Jenny Holahan & Tiffani Robbins, Bari Studio

9. Ashley Wilking, Rumble

10. Daury Dross, Fhitting Room


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